SINAPS Voice Alarm Systems

Ateis UK's flagship networked voice alarm system is the SINAPS - a combination of voice alarm compliance and pro-audio flexibility, sound quality and feature set.

The SINAPS voice alarm uses our LAPs (linked audio processors) to build a resilient BS5839 compliant network that links our IDA stackable voice alarms. The LAP is a fully digital 48-channel backbone that comes pre-programmed to link IDA devices to create a scalable networked VA solution with full pro-audio facilities.

LAP uses a dedicated dual redundant network, so there's no need for extra ethernet switches and, because they have 24VDC inputs, there's no need for UPS power supplies.

SINAPS also provides touchscreen control, 100MB of message storage and message scheduling. The system can also be integrated with pro-audio reinforcement for stadium and other projects requiring high power outputs.

Pictured right is a SINAPS system at the factory acceptance stage of assembly. This system, 40,000 watts and more than 80 zones has been built by Notifier by Honeywell in their Burgess Hill facility.

SINAPS LAP Networking Matrix

The SINAPS LAP is the link for networking IDA voice alarm systems to form a SINAPS network. LAP's are available in a variety of input and output combinations and can be specified with either CAT5 or multi-mode fibre interconnects.

Features and Benefits

  • 24VDC Input
  • Dedicated network with choice of media
  • Full DSP component library
  • 100MB message store and scheduler
  • Up to 8 channels of ANS processing per LAP

Typical Application: Airports, Exhibition Centres, Sports Stadia

SINAPS IDA (networkable up to 256 zones, remote locations)

To form the main components of the SINAPS system, you create separate voice alarm nodes from the standard IDA range. Each node can operate as a fully compliant voice alarm system in the event of network failure. In a SINAPS configuration, you require one additional slave as the master communicates via the LAP network with the other voice alarm nodes therefore, if one rack required 16 zones, that system would normally comprise 1 master and 3 three slaves, but in the SINAPS configuration it will require 4 slaves.


Features and Benefits

  • Can function as standalone VA
  • Local fire and message store possible
  • Total system size of 256 zones, 48 channels

Typical Application: Any medium to large public address or voice alarm system e.g. airports and shopping centres.

SINAPS SU Switching Unit

The SINAPS SU module is an optional system to integrate within your SINAPS public address and voice alarm network and gives you two additional benefits. The first is a fault back microphone, this system allows one PSS microhpone to connect to all amplifier inputs to allow the user to make an all call announcement in case one or more of the SINAPS IDA systems fail. The second benefit of the SU module is a + b wiring, this allows two speaker circuits to use the same amplifier. The SINAPS SU module can achieve seperate line surveillance in accordance to EN60849 and BS5839pt8 regulations and in the event of a speaker circuit short, the other will run unaffected.

Features and Benefits

  • Fault Back Microphone
  • Dual a + b wiring allowing to speaker circuits to share the same amplifier

Typical Application: Additional safety module to any SINAPS Public Address & Voice Alarm system

Data Sheet

SPA Amplifiers (SINAPS Peripheral)

SPA amplifiers by Ateis UK were initially designed to meet the requirements of EN60849 for life safety installations. Each amplifier module comes fitted with it's own 24 VDC power supply to ensure overall reliability.

Features and Benefits

  • 100v outputs
  • Power supply surveillance
  • Message Store & Player (45 mins)

Typical Application: Any medium to large public address or voice alarm system e.g. airports and shopping centres.

PS24 Power Supply (IDA Peripheral)

The PS24 is the optional power supply unit with audio monitoring for the Ateis UK IDA public address systems and voice alarm systems.

Features and Benefits

  • 85 to 264 VAC input voltage
  • 24 VDC / 4.5 A output
  • Electronic and fuse protection safeguards