Products: Public Address over IP

PA over IP is becoming an increasingly important function as computation power and networking capability increases dramatically through time. Now with ever increasing demands public address and voice alarm systems can be connected through TCP/IP technology which allows the users several unique capabilities.

With this technology many sites can be networked together and managed from a remote control centre from anywhere in the world, sites can be conencted together in long line networks and all aspects including remote security access and broadcasts can be conducted remotely.

VOX@NET Pava Network Software

Vox@Net is the control software that is utilised to connect multiple IDA voice alarm units offering you an excellent Public Address over IP network system. With this the Vox@net control network is EN60849 compliant.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 10 simultaneous music/messages can be broadcast into the same pa system
  • Up to 99 PC control stations can be linked together through the VOX@NET server software
  • Ethernet TCP/IP and VLAN compliant

Typical Applications: Railway/Tube Stations, Prisons, Large factories or residential blocks

Railway stations across in France and Germany have been equipped with VOX@NET to provide the station public address and long line announcements. The system has full redundancy for secure operation plus compliance to voice alarm standards. It also includes a message scheduling, interfacing to passenger information displays and train control computers.

TerraCom Net IP Intercom Security Software

TerraCom is the latest offering in IP Intercom control network software from Ateis UK. This system co-ordinates individual or group calls, scheduled or live messages for up to 9,999 control stations (intercom units) and works as a complementary system with the PA over IP system Vox@net. So whether you use the intercom units for remote or secure access or have close communications to any persons under close observation.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 9,999 control stations can be linked in one network
  • Access control for secure and remote areas
  • Group calls for individual or up to all stations as required

Typical Applications: Prisons, any locations requiring remote and or secure access

The Ateis UK TerraCom IP intercoms and software allows you to create and easily install a large, remotely networked system to ensure all of your scheduled or live messages can be broadcast through your existing TCP/IP network. This would also give you the valuable opportunity to set up IP intercom controlled security access to restricted or dangerous areas.

PMIP Series of IP Intercoms

The Ateis UK PMIP range of IP intercoms and paging consoles allows users on the TerraCom network to control remote or secured area access, broadcast live messages through the monitored intercom microphone and play set recorded messages with the internal scheduler.

Features and Benefits

  • Colour Touchscreen display (PMIP D model)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) or conventional mains
  • Monitored inbuilt microphone and speaker

Typical Applications: The PMIP IP intercoms networked could provide a large rail line of small stations with automatic scheduling calls and live broadcast capability for passenger announcements. Another example would be to use the PMIP IP Intercom from a security centre to allow area access from a remote location.

UCIP Wall Mounted IP Intercoms

The UCIP range of wall mounted intercom stations are ideal for door access outside and in. The various IP based UCIP call stations can then directly link into one of the access control PMIP intercoms where two-way dialogue can begin to understand if access should be secured.

Features and Benefits

Typical Applications: The UCIP wall mounted IP intercom systems are designed to be built into accessways for secured areas, whether they be gates or doors. With a choice of four models, each model has another button the user can press to talk to the security controller through the networked TCP/IP network.