Products: DSP Audio Networking

For PRO Audio and background music applications for restaurants, retail venues and churches having the right DSP powered music matrix is vital. Ateis UK can offer you the UAPg2 with up to 16 modifiable input/output contacts in the back of the box to ensure you obtain audio processed appropriate to your project.

UAPg2 Stackable Matrix

The UAPg2 is the digital-audio processor which incorporates pre-amplifiers, compressor-limiters, equalizers with matrixing and delay functions. With up to 16 configurable input and outputs the unit can play messages or background music. Up to 5 UAPg2s can be stacked together to form larger in/out combinations of up to 48 inputs and outputs using simple CAT5 connections.


The DSP powered UAPg2 is the perfect choice for any areas which benefit from background music or multizonal scheduled messaging. With configurable audio input/output connections with easy connectivity to third party controllers the UAPg2 is the permiere choice.

Features and Benefits

  • 16 modifiable input/outputs
  • Internal message player/store (30 mins)
  • Easy setup with 3rd party controllers
  • Simple GUI based configuration

Typical Application: Restaurants, Churches/places of worship, Nightclubs

Kettner's Restaurant in Soho has become a grand old institution with previous frequenters like Oscar Wilde, King Edward VII and Agatha Chritie. During a recent refurbishment in autumn 2009 Kettner's choose the UAPg2 as their background music solution. Here the Ateis UK UAPg2 enabled Kettner's to integrate Crestron wireless touch screen processor to remotely change music tracks and volume within any given room.

LAP Networking Matrix

The LAP is Ateis UK's digital signal processor for networked audio systems for providing the IDA 4 range of PA/VA systems with secured public address and live sound applications.

Features and Benefits

  • 48 audio channels with biodirectional data
  • Network felxibility of either CAT5 or fibre
  • Easy to setup software with intuitive GUI interface

Typical Application: Sports Stadia, Places of worship, Shopping Centres

Ateis UK, LAP units are well suited for large, multizonal public address and voice alarm networks. Whether this is across a large shopping centre, office or residential buildings the network capabilites of the LAP can integrate many IDA pa systems and va systems.

RAC5 - RAC8 Wall-Mounted UAPg2 Controller

The RAC5 and the RAC8 are wall-mounted controllers for the Ateis UK, UAPg2 audio matrix. With simple and intuitive control with either the 5 or 8 source selectors you can remotely control the background music or audio announcements from a more suitable location.

Features and Benefits

  • Flush wall-mounting
  • 5 audio source selector (RAC5)
  • 8 audio source selector (RAC8)

Typical Application: Any UAPg2 installation where you require local control of the audio sources.

URC Colour Wall-Mounted Programmable Remote Controller

The Ateis UK URC colour remote controller, displays information on a colour LCD screen which provides an intuitive gui for programming the audio source files.

Features and Benefits

  • Colour LCD screen
  • Fully programmable
  • Flush wall-mounting

Typical Application: Any UAPg2 installation where you require local control of the audio sources.

PPM Junction Box

The Ateis UK PPM Junction box simply allows network connection between LAP systems and their peripherals including the RAC5-8 and URC remote programmable controllers. This PPM junction box connects the devices together through standard CAT5 network cable.

Features and Benefits

  • 5 x RJ45
  • Audio input from microphones
  • Audio output to speakers

Typical Application: Any public address and voice alarm solutions that utilise the Ateis UK LAP.


The Ateis UK LAP net cards are the basis behind the 'Ateis-Net' network system through the LAP units. With both Cat5 and fibre optic redundant audio capabilities the LAP net cards are able, through an Ethernet based network to simultaneously transport up to 48 audio channels.

Features and Benefits

  • Up to 32 LAP units can be connected together on the same network
  • Transport up to 48 audio channels simultaneously
  • Loop architecture provides full redundancy

Typical Application: The LAP Net cards are designed to be inserted into the LAP networking units within Ateis UK public address systems and voice alarm systems.