Products: Amplifiers

Ateis UK manufacture a range of amplifiers to mesh perfectly with any ranges of our public address systems and voice alarm systems. Ranging in different power levels to suit your need, we can offer both DPA and SPA ranges depending on budget and type of rack power requirements.

SPA Amplifiers (DIVA or IDA Voice Alarm Systems)

SPA amplifiers by Ateis UK are designed to meet the requirements of BS5839 pt8 & EN60849 for life safety installations. Each amplifier module comes fitted with it's own 24 VDC power supply to ensure overall reliability.

Features and Benefits

  • 100v outputs
  • Power supply surveillance

Power Outputs: SPA 2060 - 2 x 60 watt amplifiers, SPA 2120 - 2 x 120 watt amplifiers, SPA 2240 - 2 x 240 watt amplifiers, SPA 1480 - 1 x 480 watt amplifiers SPA 2480 - 2 x 480 watt amplifiers

DPA Amplifiers (DIVA or IDA Voice Alarm Systems)

The DPA group of amplifiers were developed to be EN60849 compliant for life safety systems, this coupled with their low power consumption through high efficiency means that these units are well suited for battery backed racks for public address and voice alarm systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Over 80% efficiency rating
  • 500 watts of amplication
  • Less than 1% distortion

Power Outputs DPA 240 - 1 x 240 watt amplifier, DPA 2240 - 2 x 240 watt amplifier

The DPA class amplifiers are smaller and weigh less than standard SPA amplifiers. With a higher power efficiency and digital signal processing the DPA class amplifiers from Ateis UK seemlessly integrate with all of our public address systems and voice alarm systems.