Welcome to the Ateis UK Website

Ateis is a manufacturer of Public Address and Voice Alarm equipment working in the UK in partnership with experienced distributors and installers. Ateis has become synonymous with high quality Voice Alarm and Public Address systems in the transportation sector across Europe.

For over 20 years, Ateis has manufactured public address and voice alarm products, boasting some landmark installations across the globe, including Dubai Festival City (a large residential, business and entertainment development), the Paris Metro and Gare d'Est station and Sweden's amazing Turning Torso skyscraper.

Ateis UK – a fully fledged subsidiary of the already established international group – was launched in March 2008 under the guidance of MD Neil Voce. Voce has over twenty years of experience working in the UK public address and voice alarm sector and has played a major role in designing some of the world's most complex public address and voice systems ranging from dealing rooms in the city to the Millennium Stadium and the O2 Arena. The synergy provided by this combination has meant that Ateis UK has got off to a flying start in the UK market, quickly establishing a portfolio of key UK customers, and winning, in association with Notifier by Honeywell, the much coveted Network Rail Acceptance certification for their public address and voice alarm solutions. We're looking forward to building on this success in the UK and feel the product range is well attuned to modern demands.

Ateis releases 2011 catalogues

Ateis are pleased to release their new international catalogues for their 2011 product range, including the IDA8 Voice Alarm Controller, the ECS Teleconferencing products and the Orbit 360 steerable array.

The three separate catalogues are:

PAVA 2011 – This includes all the information on the new IDA8 plus how to use our Ethernet microphones and IP connectivity to build VA systems for the future. For the first time, more detailed applications information is shown to assist you in configuring an Ateis PAVA system.

Commercial Audio 2011 – This includes the information on the updated LAPG2, again with improved IP connectivity as well as data on the UAPG2 and the new ECS Teleconferencing system, which is a truly new product in its field.

Intelligent Acoustics 2011 – This has the information on the updated Messenger steerable columns, which like the other Ateis products have been given much enhanced IP connectivity, as well as the data on the Orbit 360 – our steerable column that uniquely covers all 360 degrees around it – recently installed on the Dubai Metro system to great effect.

In releasing these catalogues, you can see that Ateis is devoted to meeting the demands for interconnectivity that will guide our choices over the next years. We hope that you will download and read them to see our vision for the future.